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First, a map to show you where to park
and some hints on where to dine!

Harmony Nights map Grand Case Parking Il Nettuno Bistro Caraibes Le Tastevin L'Escapade Restaurant California Restaurant Restaurant le Cottage

Mardis de Grand Case (Tuesday in GC) in 2017 runs from 17 January until they run out of money, usually early to mid-March. The link goes to their almost content-free website that doesn't mention a start or end date. There are lots of colorful bandwidth-guzzling photos, a can't-miss interview with the head of Delta Petroleum, and a list of flights from PJIA to local islands. It appears that there is no English version.

Note that the black portion of Grand Case Boulevard is closed to traffic during the evening. Follow the green arrows to get to the free parking.

Triangle Triangle Triangle (left) played next to Blue Martini Bistro. Eduardo Filho (right) was at the keyboards near Spicy. The photos will enlarge, if clicked. Use your back button to return. Triangle

Gunslingers The Gunslingers steel drum band played in the courtyard in the center of Grand Case. Gunslingers
Gunslingers Gunslingers Gunslingers

Drummers This band of young drummers were spectators in the photo above (left) but soon started down the street, attracting a following near Rainbow. Conga line

The Boys The Boys, previously part of Tanny and the Boys, were in the courtyard at Tastevin. Drummers paraded the entire length of the pedestrian zone. Drummers

Drummers Drumming leads to drinking and dancing.
Parade of dancers

Passion Fruit cocktail Can you get a passion fruit cocktail at Sexy Fruits? Who knows, but you could get many things as artist's tables lined the street and all the shops stayed open late.

The bands below certainly had some people excited.

band dancing dancing dancing

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