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Note the traffic pattern on the map below. The portion of Grand Case Boulevard from the bridge next to the lolos to the intersection with the road from the highway is now one way from the bridge to the center of town. You cannot turn right if you head directly into the center of town. You must take the side street as you come into town and travel along the the waterway to the bridge. At that point you can turn right and proceed to Shambala, L'Ardoise and on down to Ti Coin Créole and Spiga. You can also turn left onto the one way portion and go past the lolos to il Nettuno Restaurant, Blue Martini, and the parking lot that serves this end of town.
Pool at GCBC Take a stroll from one end of Grand Case to the other. The extreme eastern end of Grand Case Bay has the Grand Case Beach Club offering great views of Créole Rock, the bay, and Anguilla in the distance. To the west is Ti Coin Créole where Carl Phillips turns out exceptional Créole cuisine. Kitty corner from Ti Coin Créole is Spiga. Across from Spiga is Tijon, our local perfumery. Have you ever made your own perfume? Take a class at Tijon and you'll bring back a very personal souvenir. Carl Philips at Ti Coin Créole

Tijon  banner

Pressoir Continuing westward, one comes to L'Ardoise, serving French cuisine in a refurbished Créole Cottage. Next is Pressoir Restaurant named after the old salt press that stands in the small park across the street. There is nothing old about the Pressoir Restaurant, however. It is in a beautifully refurbished building graciously serving some of the best food on the island with a fine wine cellar. There is free parking in this area, but it is generally full by dinnertime. Calmos Café is on the beach right next to the bridge. Just over the bridge and on the water is Zen It. Royal Créole is across the street and Cave de Charly and HIdden Garden are further to the west. L'Effet Mer is along the water. Press
 Blue Martini Smaller establishments and the lolos come next followed by Blue Martini Bistro serving French Bistro food in lovely rooms in the front or in a garden in the back. Late night, the garden area turns into a late night snack center and frequently features live music. Grand Case Parking is conveniently located right next to them in the center of town. Garden at Blue Martini

Il Nettuno Across the street from the parking lot one finds Il Nettuno and Restaurant Le Soleil next to each other on the water in the center of town. You get convenience and a choice between French (featuring Alsatian) or Italian, both with great views. Nettuno is open for lunch in high season. That's when the views across the bay are most delightful. Restaurant Le Soleil
the gang of six Across the street from Restaurant du Soleil is G's Snack. Giselle (that's her in the red on the right) serves up some fine local snacks, ice cream, and plenty of late night drinks. the gang of six
Ocean 82 Ocean 82 has opened at the center of Grand Case featuring French cuisine and a spectacular view of Grand Case Bay. At the corner of the main entrance to Grand Case and restaurant row, Bistrot Caraïbes serves great French food and a lot of seafood including fresh lobster, all with a hint of the Caribbean and a special menu section for garlic lovers. Thibault and Amaury at Bistrot Caraïbes
L'Auberge Gourmande Auberge Gourmande serves fine French cuisine in a beautifully restored Créole cottage.

Across the street is Le Tastevin offering fine views, fine French cuisine, superb service, and fine wines from one of the largest cellars on the island.

View at Tastevin
L'Escapade Restaurant A bit further down the street is Gerald Romani's L'Escapade Restaurant with beautiful views, live lobster, and one of the largest wine lists on the island. Across the street is Le Cottage serving French bistro cuisine. There are private homes, shops, galleries, and restaurants intermingled on this journey. Florence and Christophe own and run The Villa in the heart of Grand Case. Look for great French cuisine and fine French wines with excellent service. La Villa
Stephane and Tania own and operate Le Cottage. It is the sleekest restaurant on the street with a fine chef and great wine cellar.

Pascal and Donna Pavianni own and run Piazza Pascal serving French/Italian cuisine with a hint of Caribbean.

Piazza Pascal

Bougainvillea One private home had this lovely bougainvillea (but no longer).

Parking on the street is generally not available during prime dinner hours. The three green P's on the map indicate parking lots. The ones on the right and left are rather small. The one in the center of town, Grand Case Parking, is quite convenient and well-lit. The minimal charge will be credited to your restaurant bill at many fine restaurants.


Grand Case Grand Case Parking Grand Case Parking Pressoir Restaurant in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin Bistrot Caraïbes Restaurant in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin Auberge Gourmande Restaurant in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin L'Escapade Restaurant in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin Le Ti Coin Creole Restaurant in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin Le Tastevin Le Cottage Piazza Pascal La Villa Sorry, no website on, see our list

Thomas, the photographer from Alex Photo at Restaurants in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin Click on the restaurant names on the map
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If not, you will go to the list on this page.

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Vanessa, the ex-flower girl at Restaurants in Grand Case St Martin Grand Case Saint Martin

Restaurant Phone Cuisine
Auberge Gourmande 590 87 73 37 French
Bistrot Caraïbes 590 29 08 29 French
Le Cottage 590 29 03 30 French
L'Escapade 590 87 75 04 French
G's Snack   Local
Piazza Pascal 590 87 77 38 Italian/French
Pressoir 590 87 76 62 French
Le Tastevin 590 87 55 45 French
Ti Coin Créole 590 87 92 09 Créole
La Villa 590 52 36 59 French
L'Ardoise 590 51 12 87 French
Blue Martini Bistro 590 29 27 93 French
La Bodega ? Tapas
Brasserie des Iles 590 87 87 46 French
Cafe de Charly ? Wine Bar
Calmos Café 590 29 01 85 Beach Bar
L'Effet Mer 590 87 05 65 French
Friar's Bay Beach Café 590 87 83 81 Beach bar
Hidden Garden 690 43 15 13 French
Kali's Beach Bar 590 49 06 81 Beach bar
Lolos   Grill/Barbecue
Loterie Farm 590 87 86 16 eclectic
Love Hotel 590 29 87 14 tapas
Marlin's   closed, now Zen It
Il Nettuno 590 87 77 38 Italian
Pirate 590 83 03 74 French/Créole
Restaurant Le Soleil 590 87 92 32 French/Créole/Fish
Villa Créole 590 87 07 42 Créole
Spiga Restaurant 590 52 47 83 Italian
Sesamé ? Créole
Zen It 590 87 23 68 French

To call these numbers from the US, it is necessary to dial 011 and the country code.
For added confusion, the country code is 590.
Thus dial 011 590 and 590 again for regular phones or 690 for cell phones, and six digits.

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